7 Reasons Why Your Car Aircon Is Smelly

Air conditioning is an essential item in your car. However, there may be some problems with your car’s air conditioner. A common problem that occurs is that your car’s air conditioner stinks. This condition can be caused by many different factors. You must understand these factors to get rid of this odor easily. This article has 7 reasons why your car air conditioner will stink. You can check our Singapore aircon servicing website for more information. When you drive, the smelly car air conditioner will reduce your comfort. Therefore, you must solve this problem as soon as possible. Here are some factors that can cause an air conditioner to stink.

  1. Reference

This is the most common cause of strange odors in car air conditioners. Some mold can cause an unpleasant odor from the car air conditioner. Air conditioners are usually used to humidify the air in the car. As a result, it can increase the chances of mold growth. It is best to clean the air conditioner regularly to remove some mold on the air conditioner. There are several chemical solutions that can be used to reduce mold growth in cars.

  1. Gas leakage

Some people will smell these gas leaks when turning on the air conditioner. Gas leaks are another common factor that can cause odors in a car. This can be detected when you turn on the air conditioner in the car. The smell of gas can get into your car through your air conditioner. Try checking the fuel pressure regulator located near the car engine. It is recommended that you repair this gas leak as soon as possible.

  1. Dirty filter

This is another reason why your air conditioner may emit some unpleasant odors. Air filters are very useful to filter all the impurities in the air conditioner such as dust, fungus, bacteria and some other impurities. When this filter becomes dirty, you may inhale some unpleasant odors from the air conditioner. The filter should be cleaned once a month to make sure it works properly. In some cases, you may need to replace the air filter with a new one.

  1. Leakage of the cooling system

Most air conditioning units use their cooling system. The system may be damaged, leaking or damaged for any reason. A leaking cooling system can cause some unpleasant odors from the air conditioner in the car. This unpleasant odor may come from liquid glycol. This material can be used as an antifreeze for car air conditioning devices. Such leaks should be addressed immediately, as this material may be harmful to the human body.

  1. Excessive condensation

In some cases, your air conditioner may accumulate condensation. Too much water on your device can cause your car to emit some unpleasant odors. This problem can be solved by repairing the condensing system. Make sure the condensing system can function normally under the appropriate temperature and system. Excessive water condensation can also cause certain mold on the air conditioner.

  1. The air conditioning system is blocked

When your air conditioning system is blocked, it may also produce some unpleasant odors. When it is clogged, you will inhale some impurities, such as bacteria, fungus or dust. It is recommended that you clean the air conditioning system regularly. By doing this, you can prevent the air conditioner from clogging in the future.

  1. Uncontrolled bacterial growth

This problem can also cause some unpleasant odors from car air conditioners. There are some bacteria that cause unpleasant odors, such as Aspergillus and Penicillium. Both of these main types of bacteria can grow well in your air conditioner, especially if you don’t clean the air conditioner regularly. You should use some chemical solution to eliminate these bacteria as soon as possible.

It is a useful tip for you who want to get rid of weird smells in car air conditioners. It is very important to clean the air conditioner regularly to make sure it works properly. There are several air conditioning repair companies that can help you solve any problems you may have with car air conditioners.