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Why Choose A “Computer Renaissance” Franchise Rather Than Others?

You will also benefit from one of the lowest royalty and ad funds rates in franchising. You will also benefit from 16 years of proven experience in the development and management of successful franchise stores.

So, why is the Computer Renaissance so much better than other technologies? It’s simple. Because we are miles ahead. Computers are our specialty. Customers are our customers. We also know how to succeed.

Computer Renaissance Franchise System Benefits

Brand Recognition and Exclusive Territory
No Retail or Computer Experience Requirements
Comprehensive Training Program with On-going Support
A Proven Model to Follow
Preferred Vendor Programs
Assistance with Financing
Low royalty rates and minimal advertising fund contribution

The cost of business ownership:

An investment of approximately $150,000* can help you realize your dream of owning a Computer Renaissance business. Make your dream come true with a small investment. It’s your duty!

Computers are all we care about! All of it.

A store with less than 2,000 square feet will computer labs rules qualify for a $150,000 start-up investment package. ft and a protected territory of 7 miles as outlined in our UFOC. Computer Renaissance is not a lender and does not make any claims to do so.

Computer Renaissance Franchise Business Opportunity

You have reached the right place if you’re looking for information about the Computer Renaissance franchise opportunity, Computer Renaissance franchises, or Computer Renaissance franchising.

Information about Business Franchising
Franchises to own for purchase and sale
Information about master franchise opportunities for buying and selling
Buy, start, and own multi-unit franchise investment
Start, purchase and become a small business owner

We do more than just sell computers. We are experts in creating solutions.
Computer Renaissance has been serving millions of computer customers from Alaska to Florida since 1988. Our stores were originally founded to sell used PC products, but we’ve been reborn. Our three distinct offerings are available today at our franchised computer shops:

Computer products that are high-quality, custom, new and name-brand factory refurbished (Dell, Gateway HP, IBM, IBM, & others)
Parts made from brand name components for the DIY customer.
Service and repairs in-store and on-site for your home or small business.

Computer Renaissance has a franchise system that is used in over 100 stores across the U.S.

Computer Renaissance works with professionals and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to help them build successful franchises. Our nearly two decades of combined experience allows us to provide guidance and support for our independent franchises in achieving their goals. We have a great opportunity for you if you are looking to start your own business but not alone, and you love technology and helping others.

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