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Cyborphic’s Hmh Science Dimensions Theatre Database, (ISFDB), primarily contains contemporary plays. Published and/or produced in 21st Century. A separate section contains key texts from sci-fi theatre of the 20th Century. Ralph Willingham’s 1993 book Science Fiction and the Theatre contains a comprehensive list of 20th Century science-fiction plays.

The Database is primarily focused upon science fiction theatre but also includes related genres. In other words, anything that falls under the umbrella terms Speculative Fiction or Fantastika (such Horror, Contemporary Fantasy, and the Weird), and works of Science Theatre are also of interest. A separate section also contains a bibliography of related articles and studies. These are mainly is computer science hard  non-academic resources that are easily accessible online. However, some academic studies are also included.

Internet Database of Modern & Contemporary Science Fiction Theatres, Horror Theatres, Fantasy Theatres, Weird Theatre & Science Theatres

  • Crystal Jackson’s The Singularity. Science Fiction Theatre Company Boston, USA. 2014. SF
  • Carl Djerassi. Foreplay King’s Head Theatre. UK. 2014. ST
  • Tomorrow Comes Today by Gordon Dahlquist Undermain Theatre. Texas. USA. 2014. SF
  • Stef Smith – Girl in the Machine Traverse Theatre. UK. 2015. 2015.

Section 1b: Hmh Science Dimensions Theatre Festivals

Sci-Fest LA is the Los Angeles Science Fiction One Act Play Festival. LA, California. In May 2014, Lee Costello and Michael Blaha founded LA.

Paragon: A Sci-Fi & Fantasy Play Festival. Chicago, Illinois. Tiffany Keane founded the company and Otherworld Theatre started performing in August 2015.

Talos: Hmh science dimensions Theatre Festival of London. London, UK. Christos Callow Jr. founded the company in October 2015. It was produced (as per 2018) by Cyborphic.

(Note: I have included in this category the original science fiction theater festivals per country or, in case of US festivals state. These festivals are focused on short sci-fi plays. Talos, however, started staging full-length science-fiction plays in 2018. Future versions of this database will include details about the plays that were produced.

Section 1c: Hmh Science Dimensions Theatre Adaptations

Due to the innumerable adaptations of relevant texts only a few notable adaptations will make it into this list. On 26 June 2018, the Database was updated to include 20 21st Century adaptations science fiction plays.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Ken Campbell, Hmh Science Dimensions Theatre of Liverpool. Adaptation from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Radio Drama by Douglas Adams 1978. Institute of Contemporary Arts London. UK. 1979. 1979.

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