Which “Positioning Reference” Suitable machining parts?

How can you Decide Positioning Reference ?

It is important that you consider the impact of the positioning reference selection during the CNC machining process. This will also affect the ability to ensure parts’ dimensional accuracy as well as mutual position accuracy. The quality of the parts manufactured by a CNC machining centre is directly affected by the choice of the positioning reference.

A fixture can also be used to mount a workpiece Positioning Reference

However, the selection of the will impact the complexity of the fixture’s workpiece structural design. This goal requires a fixture that can withstand high cutting forces and meet precise positioning requirements.

It is an important technological decision to choose a reference for positioning. There are many options, which is a good thing. The question is how do we choose a reference point to position? This should be enough to make you aware of what you are getting into.

1. The chosen reference should be able to accurately position the workpiece, make it easy to load and unload the workpiece, and allow you to finish the positioning and clamping in a short time. 2. This is the second time that the selection of reference dimensions and calculation of each processing part size by the cnc machining center are both easy. This reduces the number calculation links, and as a consequence, the number calculation errors in the size-chain and the number processing parts in it.

Ensure that all processing operations are performed with the highest precision possible. These principles should be followed when determining the precise positioning reference for the parts.

To allow them to work together, it is essential that there be a geometric relationship between the coordinate system of origin and the positioning reference. This is also called the programming zero point. It does not need to be the same for every case. The choice of the origin coordinate system for the workpiece is made primarily to make programming and measuring easier. When determining the positioning reference of the part to machine, it is crucial that the measures the origin of cnc machining center. This is especially important for parts that have high dimensional accuracy. This is particularly true for parts that require high levels of precision.

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To get the best results from the CNC machine center, you should choose the positioning reference after the processing reference has been created and each station processed. If you want the CNC center to be able to complete the maximum amount of processing content, it is recommended that you select the positioning reference after each station has been processed. It is important to choose the best positioning method to allow you to complete each surface as quickly as possible. The box positioning method uses one side and two cuts. This is a preferred method because it allows the tool access to other surfaces without compromising its structural integrity.

It is beneficial to make a concerted effort to use the part’s design reference as a positional guide during manufacturing. To ensure that each station is able to maintain relative accuracy, it is necessary to determine the type of rough reference to be used for roughing.

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Difficult align problems in CNC machining center part are situations where the design reference and positioning reference are not easy to align. To determine the function of the design reference for the part’s design, it is important to examine the assembly drawings. This is called a difficult alignment problem. The dimensional chain allows you to specify the tolerance range between the design reference and the positioning reference. This helps in maintaining manufacturing accuracy.

The CNC machining center may not allow you to simultaneously process the position processing and design reference. However, you should try to align the positioning and design references as closely as possible. All of the critical precision areas can now be processed in one clamping operation after the reference has been used.