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The Pros and Cons of “Turbocharging Technology”

The pros and cons of turbocharging technology vs superchargers: Engineering explained

Manufacturers and tuners have turned to forced induction when drawing in atmospheric pressure isn’t enough power. This is the best way to increase power with any engine. There are two main methods: turbocharging or supercharging.

What is the difference? A supercharger is an air compressor that is driven by an engine’s crankshaft. It is usually connected to a belt. A turbocharger, on the other hand, is an air compressor that’s driven by an exhaust gas turbine. This is the key difference: a supercharger needs engine power to operate, while a turbocharger uses the engine’s waste energy. It might seem that the turbo is more efficient because it uses waste gases.

1. Advantages & Disadvantages of Turbocharging Technology

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  • A significant increase in horsepower
  • Power vs. size: Smaller engines can produce more power than their larger counterparts.
  • Higher fuel economy: Smaller engines consume less fuel to idle and have less rotating mass. This improves fuel economy.
  • Turbochargers have a higher efficiency. technology analyst They use energy normally lost in supercharged and naturally-aspirated engines (exhaust gas), which increases the overall efficiency.


  • Turbolag: Large turbochargers take time to start up and give a useful boost.
  • Boost threshold: Traditional turbochargers are usually sized to provide an engine with additional boost. This is because the exhaust gas flow is sufficient to allow them to operate within a specific RPM range. They are not as versatile as superchargers in terms of their RPM range.
  • Power surge: In some turbocharger applications, particularly with larger turbos. This can cause a nearly instantaneous surge of power which can compromise tyre grip or cause instability.
  • Oil requirements: Turbochargers heat up quickly and frequently tap into the engine’s oil supply. This requires additional plumbing and more oil. Superchargers don’t typically require oil lubrication.

2. There are Advantages and Disadvantages to Supercharging:


  • You can increase your horsepower by adding a supercharger.
  • Superchargers have no lag: The biggest advantage of a supercharger over a turbocharger, is its lack of lag. Because the supercharger’s crankshaft drives the engine, power delivery is instant.
  • Low RPM boost: Compared to turbochargers, this turbocharger produces a lot more power at low RPM.
  • Price: Cost-effective way to increase horsepower.


  1. Superchargers are less efficient. They sucking engine power to make engine power. You’re basically powering another air pump by running them off the engine belt that connects to the crankshaft. Superchargers are therefore less efficient than turbochargers.
  2. Dependability: All forced induction systems, including Turbocharging Technology, will expose the engine’s internals to higher temperatures and pressures. This will affect its longevity. To withstand these pressures, it is better to build your engine from the ground up than to rely on the stock internals.

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