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What is a “WIP computer”?

WIP computers build containers for data, just like mobile device management does for mobile devices. The WIP computer treats Windows 10 like a mobile device to protect data. This allows companies to determine which apps on the computer are intended for work and which ones can be used for personal purposes. Protection policies for work applications will automatically tag documents saved by these applications as “work” and define what can be done to them.
Businesses can prevent data being copied to personal devices, accessed using unapproved applications, or stored at unapproved locations by automatic tagging. The WIP computer also protects against accidental data leakage via copy-and paste, drag-and drop, removable storage (e.g. USB thumb drives) and unauthorized apps (e.g. non-work Cloud storage provider).

WIP computer licensing

This software requires Microsoft 365 E3.Computer mites Windows 10 E3 comes with AppLocker. This is used to identify which applications are work-related and which are personal. For the deployment and management Windows Information Protection policies, Intune (or System Center Configuration Manager SCCM) is used. The combination of integrated Microsoft products provides IT departments with a seamless and unified experience.

Sensitivity labels and Classifying files

Microsoft 365 E5 users can extend Windows Information Protection to include Azure Information Protection’s data classification.

Different types of classifications are available to Office app users.

Documents that are time-sensitive and must be kept for a specific period
Documents that are beyond their useful life expectancy must be permanently deleted
Research that is competitive must be kept and then permanently deleted
Documents pertaining to employment must be marked as a record in order to prevent them from being edited or deleted.
These sensitivity labels enable users to mark documents so that the appropriate actions can be taken for sensitive files. Administrators may set automatic classifications/policies based on specific types of sensitive information present in files, specific keywords, etc. This is important because it allows organizations to automate content classifications and policies. It also eliminates the need to train each user.

WIP has many benefits

WIP computer, a feature built into Windows 10 Enterprise E3, can be managed through the Cloud (Intune and SCCM) and allows for agentless management of computers. It allows company devices to be managed and controlled by IT departments using security guidelines that are available in the cloud. WIP computer is more effective than traditional data loss prevention strategies. Data no longer needs to flow through a gateway in order to be captured in a Software as a Service app. This is even more critical in today’s mobile world and work-from home world.

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