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Full AirFreez reviews. While common fans don’t change the air temperature they do make you feel cooler and help to evaporate sweat. The AirFreez is a device that lowers the temperature of the air. This little device is an evaporation cooler, which cools the air by using a water tank.

  • Airfreez reviews Features
  • Voltage: Bivolt
  • Speeds of 3
  • Tank capacity: 750ml
  • Autonomy up to 8 hours

AirFreez – Design

Evaporative coolers tend to be large and look more like portable air conditioners. AirFreez is a compact, cube-shaped cooler that can be easily placed on a desk. The unit we tested was in white, but they also offer options in blue and black.

This evaporating cooler has a 750ml water reservoir. Although it is a little difficult to take out, after some refills we were able to figure out how to get the tank in and out easily.

This tank holds water, which is then absorbed into the cartridge and spread evenly across the cooling system. The fan at the back blows hot air on the water. This evaporates the water and cools it. The water tank can provide three to five hours cooling, and the cartridge can absorb approximately 400 ml water. Refilling the cartridge when it is full will extend the cooling time by one to three hours, adding up to eight hours.

The buttons on the top panel make it easy to control the AirFreez reviews. Hold the middle button and the cooler will turn on or off. You can adjust the temperature and speed buttons. There are three speed settings to choose from a gentle breeze or a burstof fresh air.

The default mode shows the income temperature. This is your room’s temperature. It also shows the output air temperature which indicates how efficient the unit is working.

AirFreez Reviews

AirFreez will operate at its maximum efficiency once the cartridge has absorbed all of the water from the tank. The ambient temperature and relative humidity are important factors in cooling. Evaporative coolers are most effective in dry, hot environments.

AirFreez provides a helpful guide that shows how the cooler will perform at different temperatures. At 25oC and 30% relative humidity, expect 15.4oC air output. At the same temperature, but with 60% relative humidity the outlet temperature is 19.7oC.

To give the cartridge time to absorb sufficient water, I tested the cooler in a room at 22.8 degrees Celsius and 53.2% relative humidity. After the cartridge had been saturated, I measured AirFreez output at 16.3 degrees Celsius.

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