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KGS Technology Group: Recruitment Agency in Atlanta, GA, USA

KGS Technology Group is a global IT Consulting firm based in Alpharetta, Georgia. It has been serving the business community for more than five years onshore and over ten years offshore. Since its incorporation, KGS technology group  provides a wide range of exceptional customized IT solutions to its clients on time and within budget. KGS technology group  is a leader in the industry.

KGS technology group  is constantly enhancing its various practices in order to provide cutting-edge customized design that meets the needs of customers from diverse industries. KGS technology group  consultants are recognized for their technical abilities, business knowledge, and dedication to excellence. KGS technology group  is a global company with offices in India and the USA.

KGS Technology Group E quality starts with the argos solution proposal and continues throughout the assignment’s life cycle. Quality is a measurable parameter. This is our core philosophy. The Quality initiative is founded on the commitment to maintain high standards and exceed customer expectations.

KGS Technology Group  Management Team believes in project ownership, innovation in cutting edge technologies, and employee empowerment. KGS technology group  knows that our consultants are what make us unique. We invest in them to ensure that our clients have the best professionals available and are proficient in the most recent technologies.

We have training, development, and recruiting centers in Asia and the US that can quickly help you find the top global professionals in your field. Our employees are offered challenging, long-term projects and ongoing skills enhancement programs.

  • Vertical Market Experience
  • Finance Services *Pharmaceutical *Banking

You can Benefit as a KGS W2 Consultant from the Following

  • There are many IT consulting opportunities in exciting industries and multi-disciplinary environments.
  • You have the opportunity to improve your technical skills.
  • It’s challenging to use your knowledge to solve business problems.
  • Access to the top executives of client companies
  • It is a feeling of satisfaction to have contributed to important client projects.
  • You will receive assignments in a continuous stream with very little downtime.
  • Support that will help you succeed in your tasks.
  • A company that is known for its high ethical standards.
  • Learn new skills and technologies that are marketable.
  • You have the freedom to create your own goals, and set your own timetables.
  • KGS employees and consultants will have a professional but friendly relationship. This is based on honesty, trust, and open communication.

KGS Technology Group E Differentiators

  • A proven track record of completing assignments on time and within budget
  • Able to meet the needs of different industries
  • Methodologies for project management that are customer-oriented
  • Exceeding customer expectations with high quality standards
  • Capabilities for both on- and off-shore development
  • The management is committed to responding quickly to customer inquiries
  • High quality training and a top-notch recruiting team
  • Global presence through offices at strategic locations

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