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Hearts & Science: Global company with local presence

Hearts & Science, a media agency of Omnicom Group, specializes in leveraging data for new audiences. They approach data with a balance between science and heart. The data they collect is used to provide useful content to consumers at the right moment.

We were asked by them to create a site that would make them stand out and attract talent. They needed 18 languages translated and continued customization.

Unique Expression in a Crowded Marketplace

It is hard to position a company when there are so many competitors. Why should someone work with them? What are their strengths? How were they going to bring together 18 regions, while still allowing them unique expression?

Science & Hearts is in fierce competition with its closest competitors, who are also experts in creating and distributing advertisements. These agencies often copy one another and seek to gain an advantage over clients and talent. Copycats are not something anyone likes.

The Escape from The Rat Race

We noticed a common theme in the industry around the “state” of the industry. Nearly everyone was using this messaging, even Hearts & Science, who was a leader in 2016!

We were curious to see what other competitors had been positioning themselves on before 2016. We discovered a second group trend between 2013 and 2015. We used the Wayback Machine to look back at time and found that their competitors were almost solely focused on work examples and awards. While they are important, awards alone don’t suffice.

What was next? We knew exactly how to beat science geek the competition in a world where GDPR was rapidly being adopted and data privacy was high-profile.

With the Customer in Mind, Position

Hearts & Science has a distinct advantage in terms of the quality and quantity of their data. This is their secret weapon to get the best picture of what’s going on in real-time with customers.

Hearts & Science will focus on the customer, rather than the industry’s state or accolades. Hearts & Science values them and helps brands to connect with them in positive, nondisruptive ways. They are always on the pulse with the consumer. They assist brands in keeping up with their evolution.

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