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Mobile “Technology Package”: Advantages and Disadvantages


The modern workplace needs a mobile technology package. It is versatile and offers many benefits. However, there are significant risks for the business. You must consider the advantages and drawbacks of Mobile technology Package in business.

What is Mobile Technology?

Mobile technology Package is exactly what its name suggests – portable technology. Mobile IT devices can include:

  • Laptop, tablet and netbook computers
  • smartphones
  • global positioning system (GPS) devices
  • Wireless debit/credit card payment terminals

Portable Devices Utilise Many different communications technologies, Including

  • Wireless fidelity (WiFi) is a wireless eclectic energies local area network technology that allows for wireless fidelity.
  • Bluetooth – Connects mobile devices wirelessly via bluetooth
  • Data networking services for mobile phones – such as 3G-4G and 5G wireless cellular technology, global system of mobile communications (GSM), and general packet radio service data services (GPRS).
  • Dial-up services – Data networking services using modems or telephone lines
  • Virtual private networks – Secure access to private networks

These technologies allow us to connect mobile devices such as laptops and phones to our offices or to the internet from anywhere we are, whether we’re traveling or working remotely.

Mobile Technology has Many Advantages

  • Staff with higher productivity and efficiency will be more productive
  • Your customers will be satisfied with the service quality and flexibility you provide
  • The ability to accept wireless payments
  • Increased communication skills in the workplace
  • Greater access to modern apps, services and applications
  • Improved networking capabilities

While working remotely, mobile devices can connect you to the office network. You could, for example, work remotely

  • Set up a new customer account
  • Access customer records
  • Check stock availability and prices
  • Place an order online

Cloud technologies are rapidly evolving, allowing for more flexible work practices and easy access to services via the internet. Cloud computing is a great resource for more information.

Mobile Technology Package Disadvantages

The main disadvantages of using Mobile technology in business include:

  • Prices – New technologies and devices can be expensive to buy and require regular maintenance.
  • Distractions in the workplace – As the number of devices and technologies increases, so too does the potential for them disrupting productivity and workflow.
  • Staff may also require additional training – instructions and training in the use of new technology are necessary.
  • Security risks are increasing – Portable devices are more vulnerable to security threats, particularly if they contain sensitive business data.

You should ensure your mobile devices and data are safe if you use them for business purposes. Learn more about cyber security and how to secure your wireless systems.

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