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Black Widow Bows: The Best Recurve Bows

Black Widow bows belong to the recurve family. These bows have limbs that curve away from the archer when unstringed. They are more efficient than straight-limbed longbows in storing energy and delivering a faster arrow speed.

The Black Widow Bows: Why you should get one?

Black Widow bows, a premium traditional bow that delivers high performance, are perfect for serious archers. They are highly recommended by hunters and archers around the world and they are highly favored. Let’s find out why.

  • Materials and Design

Black Widow has been a leader in traditional bow manufacturing for over 50 years. A unique design and are difficult to construct. The handle is comprised of approximately 37 glue lines. This depends on the model. To build them, they require a large investment of man hours. Here precision is crucial. To ensure that the bow balance at the curvature is uniform in weight, and to not compromise on draw,

  • Performance

Black Widow makes traditional bows with high performance that shoot faster and harder than bows from twenty- or thirty years ago. High quality woodwork and design allow for excellent solidity and smoothness when blue ninja turtle shooting. Models such as the PCH Take-Down or the PSR One-piece have a compact design that allows for easy maneuverability while hunting.

  • Price

There are many different prices. While some may consider them costly, they offer incredible value. Black Widow bows are a great investment if you are serious about archery. These recurve bows are undoubtedly the best on the market today, and we’re certain you’ll not regret it.

There are many types and models to choose from when it comes to. Below are the most in-demand 2018 Black Widow recurves.

All bows come in multiple finishes, including Exotic, Graybark and Greenleaf, Autumn Oak, and Ironwood. Complete bow sets include the Flemish Twist DynaFLIGHT-97 string, the bow stringer and spider string silencers as well biggercity as the bow tip protector/ strike plate, nocking tips, an owner’s guide DVD, and a companion DVD.

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