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What do you do with old laptops and “broken computer” ?

While older laptops and computers may not be able to check email anymore or create work reports, they still have some useful components. If you don’t want to repair them, here are some ideas for what to do with older broken computers and laptops.

1. If the display is not working, use dual monitors

While some computers might not work, their display or monitor may still function. Many broken computer workers enjoy having a second monitor.

Many operating systems allow you configure the second screen so that it is not a duplicate of your main screen. For example, you could open a reference document on one screen while you write an email on the second screen. While this doesn’t eliminate the rest of your computer, it can give the screen a new lease of life.

2. Turn an old hard drive in to an external hard drive

A hard drive can be taken from an older broken computer to be used again. You might be able to retrieve old photos or documents from the hard drive, or you could have it completely erased to make room for future storage.

It may be possible to convert a broken computer hard drive into an external drive.

3. Donate to your local school’s broken computer science teacher

High school computer science classes biggercity would like to be able use an older-generation computer. This will allow them to freely explore the computer without fear of damaging it.

An old computer might be a good place to practice for students who wish to learn how to fix computers. Students might take parts from an old computer to build their own computers.

4. You might consider selling your parts to a computer repair shop or rebuild shop

Computer experts are available to fix common problems or send out computers for major repairs in many communities. Sometimes, these shops will also sell broken computer that are functional but not fully functional.

These items may not fetch you much money. Selling them can declutter your house and give you some advice on how to dispose of the rest safely. They might even be able to take it all off your hands and fix other broken computer.

5. You can sell it online for cash

Many organizations can purchase a broken computer back online if they have a future need for the components. This applies to both smaller and larger companies, as well as large manufacturers such as Apple.

If your computer has been damaged recently or is no longer functional, this option might be the best. Online resellers are best suited for newer models.

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