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[Intro paragraph] The job description for a computer operator job should include information about why the company is a good place to work. Discuss the factors that make your company’s culture more attractive than other work environments.

Computer Operator Job Responsibilities

Operates a computer to provide data.
Examine the production schedule to determine  the sequence of operations.
Performs defined tasks per documented instructions/processes.
Accessing software on computer to prepare equipment for operation.
As needed, make appropriate modifications to the documentation.
Monitors and controls daily system jobs.
Enter commands to start operations.
Assists in maintaining operations by monitoring error messages and stoppage messages, inspecting peripheral equipment and making adjustments.
Produces reports using batch jobs and distributes them to end-users.
Keeps logs of all incidents that occur on monitored systems.
Answers questions and other requests to solve user problems.
Preventive maintenance and testing are required to ensure the equipment’s continued operation. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.
Troubleshooting malfunctions
Monitors IT operations and responds promptly to them.
Answers incoming phone calls, emails, and voicemail inquiries from internal customers (within IT) concerning computer-related issues.
Check stock levels to maintain supply inventory.
Client confidence maintained and operations protected by confidential information
Contribute to the team by achieving related results when needed.
[Work Hours and Benefits] Keeping information about work hours, benefits, and other pertinent information in this area helps job seekers stay focused. Discuss the work environment, including any requirements such as overtime, flexible work hours, weekend work, etc. You can also discuss any perks or benefits your company offers that are not offered by the competition.

Qualifications/Skills for Computer Operator Job

Data processing
Communication skills
Reporting skills
Documentation skills
Maintenance of equipment
Problem solving
Understanding computer networks (LAN,WAN, and computer networking).
Capability to create and modify documentation

You will need to have experience and education.

Associate degree or other 2-year degree in data processing technology, or in a related field
Data center experience
Experience in information technology environments
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