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“Cell Science Systems” Reports on Weight Loss Study Findings

DEERFIELD BAY, Fla .–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Researchers from the University of Texas, Galveston, working with Cell Science Systems, Corp., recently published in The British Journal of Gastroenterology, the results of a one year weight loss study.

The long-term, case-control trial entitled Food Allergen Elimination and Obesity Reduction: A Longitudinal, Case Control Trial was intended to evaluate the effects on weight loss and body composition of following a food sensitivity diet alone or with exercise. To be eligible for the study, participants must have a minimum BMI of 30. A BMI of 30 for a female 5’3″ would equal 170 lbs.

The ALCAT Test was used to determine science based nutrition food sensitivities. It was performed in the Cell Science Systems laboratory in Deerfield Beach. In a Baylor Medical College controlled study of 100 subjects, 98% of them had experienced a short-term improvement in body composition and/or weight.

This confirms the findings of several other studies: eating foods that trigger an immune response can interfere with your ability to lose weight. This is because inflammation slows down metabolism, which may seem absurd considering the ALCAT Test’s maxim that calories in are more important than calories out. Inflammation can cause calories to be stored as fat rather than being used for energy.

The ALCAT Test measures how immune cells react to food and other substances. It has a higher effectiveness rate in reducing inflammation in the body than other methods using DNA analysis or antibody tests. Antibody tests are able to detect an actual exposure but not a sensitivity.

The DNA analysis can only suggest possibilities, not facts. Because there are many genes that influence immune and metabolic responses, and each gene might not be expressed. Even identical twins can react in very different ways to the same food.

A healthy weight is vital as it is a key driver of diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Americans spend more than $70 billion each year on diets and weight loss products. Indirect costs associated with obesity for the healthcare system are also in the hundreds of billions. The ALCAT Test may be able to significantly reduce this burden. It could now be the gold standard for personalizing therapeutic diets aimed at healthy weight. This is for people who wish to make an investment in their most valuable asset, their health.

Cell Science Systems is a CLIA-licensed lab and FDA-registered medical device manufacturer. They are the sole providers of the ALCAT Test(r). CSS offers several tests that assess nutrition, gut health, metabolism, and prevention. CSS provides services in Europe and the Middle East through its subsidiary, which is a wholly-owned company based in Potsdam. CSS offers customized health programs for organizations through a partnership with PreviMedica Group, LLC.

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