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The historic campus of Keystone Science School is located in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. It serves as the home base for our many inquiry-based learning programs. Our students enjoy engaging experiences that combine science education and outdoor adventure. KSS is a place where people can make a difference. We bring joy to everyone we work with, we have a passion for helping others, we aim to be the best, offer generous benefits and competitive compensation, and are committed to students from all backgrounds. Summit County’s #2 Best Non-Profit Organization and Best Place to Work (2019).


Keystone Science School is dedicated to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive community. We seek to attract, develop, retain and retain the best people from all backgrounds. Discrimination and harassment cell science systems of all kinds are prohibited, regardless of race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, gender identity or expression or sexual orientation, pregnancy or age, religion, veteran status, genetic information or any other protected characteristic.


KSS educators are involved in four core areas: Education, Camp, School Based, Adventure, and they are supported by our Marketing and Development teams and Operations teams.

Keystone Science School Summer Camp Positions

Job Description

To view all available employment opportunities, please visit the Keystone Science School Employment Page (link is external). This summer, we are still seeking staff. Every job will have its own set of requirements, qualifications and duties.

We are Looking for the Following

  • Summer Camp Kitchen Assistant- 2 positions
  • 2 Summer Health Care Workers
  • Day Camp Instructors
  • Day Camp Lead Instructors
  • Guides for Expeditions
  • Overnight camp instructors
  • Overnight Camp Lead Instructors
  • Programm Specialists
  • Bilingual Customer Experience Specialist
  • Payroll Accountant – Staff Accountant
  • Coordinator for Recruitment and Diversity Equity, Inclusion, and Equity

Keystone Science School encourages curiosity and critical thinking using science as a lens to improve lives and strengthen communities. Our goal is to develop future leaders who are able to problem solve and work together in an ever changing world and workplace.

The 23-acre Keystone Science School campus was built on the former site of the Old Keystone Village. This site was a former railroad site and sawmill site that supported gold and silver mining. Modern log-style dormitories are available, as well as a central dining hall, outdoor amphitheater and state-of-the-art observatory.

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