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Everything Staff Need to Know About Cybersecurity

It is an unfortunate reality that the number of successful cyber-attacks has been increasing in recent years. In fact, small and medium-sized businesses are becoming ever more popular victims of cyber-attackers. This is why it is more important than ever for businesses to protect themselves against the potentially devastating effects of a successful cyber-attack.

A lot of cyber-attacks are a result of nothing more than human error. This is why it is so vital that all businesses train their staff to keep themselves and the company protected against cybercriminals.

What Your Staff Need to Know About Cybersecurity

While it might not seem like the most pressing task on your busy agenda, a successful cyber-attack can spell ruin for the future of your business, so it is vital that training staff is a real priority. The list below outlines all the topics you should cover in your cybersecurity training to ensure that your staff are as up to date and as informed as possible.

The Right Password Protocol

If your staff are not using secure passwords then you are leaving your business open to an easy cyber-attack. A successful password contains a mixture of letters and numbers, in upper and lower case. A strong password also contains at least one special character. It is vital that passwords are not an easily guessable phrase, such as a place name or someone’s birthday.

In your password guidelines, you should also state that no password should be used for more than one account. It is also vital that all passwords used in your business are changed at least once a year.

The Importance of Updates

It is vital that your staff update their operating systems are soon as new updates are launched. Providers often launch updates to directly combat bugs and cyber-threats, which means that updating your systems always ensures you have the highest level of security available.

Teach Staff About Phishing Email Threats

Phishing emails – emails that are sent by hackers that appear to be legitimate – are becoming increasingly more common. These emails are often very sophisticated and apply some form of emotional pressure, such as stress or worry, to motivate the recipient to click the malicious link quickly, without thinking too hard about it.

Unfortunately, as Proofpoint explains, it is not just phishing emails that businesses have to worry about, but also business email compromise, or BEC. This is where a hacker will disguise themselves as a CEO or higher-level executive to urge the recipient to send money or funds.

Teaching your staff about phishing and BEC emails can help you to keep your company safe from these attacks.

The Best Cybersecurity Habits

Unless you work in cybersecurity, you cannot expect staff to automatically know the best cybersecurity habits. It is vital that you teach staff how to use their systems properly in order to ensure that you are not inadvertently putting your business at risk. Teaching staff the best cybersecurity habits might include illustrating the importance of system scans or what type of websites they should be avoiding.

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