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Dark Science

This is Evidence that Something Exists Dark Science Probably

Dark Science is the science that solves the great mysteries of the universe using far-fetched and hypothetical explanations. It is responsible for many of the most important ideas in science, such as Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and, more recently, Dark Theory, which purports to be the Grand Theory of Everything. This method was popularized in the 20th century and has been used ever since to explain nearly anything scientists don’t know.

Dark Matter

Scientists realized that the universe was not behaving the way it should in the 1930s. Particularly, galaxies were spinning faster than expected due to the low amount of matter. You should also note that the universe has very little mass. In fact, it only accounts for 0.01%. This means that we don’t exist if you take the nearest unit.

Scientists thought it was too convenient natural science manager. It was a simple solution to the greatest problem science has ever encountered, but there is no evidence. Another rebuttal was that “You might as well say that a large invisible salamander pinewood computer core governs all laws of reality.” Zwicky’s idea was however one that wouldn’t go away.

Dark Energy

Later, scientists realized that the universe was doing double-worry. It was expanding faster than it should have been. This is a brat. This is an apparently new form of energy that science has not yet discovered. But what could it possibly be?

Dark Energy was suggested as a solution. Because it was easy to prove, people liked the idea. It had a mysterious and cool name that made it seem impossible to deny. Since then, it has been the most popular method to explain the universe’s behavior.

Dark Theory

Dark Theory is a theory that describes how the universe works. Jonathan Heinlein proposed it as an alternative to the Dark Science ideas. Although it is a fictional theory, it explains how Dark Energy and Dark Matter, Dark Flows, Dark Time, Dark Sex, Dark Time, Dark Time, Dark Time, Dark Time, Dark Time, Dark Time and all the other Dark Things work. There is plenty of empirical Dark Evidence supporting it, and it will be likely to be written by a Dark Man who will conduct extensive Dark Research. He will likely write a Dark Book, which will show that all scientists previously believed was Dark Right.

Dark Science Real Life: Darkness in Real Life

Dark Science has been embraced by the public for its simple solutions to the terrible, confusing reality. Kim Pike, a Birmingham housewife, fell pregnant despite not having sex for years. She blamed “Dark Sperm” for her pregnancy.

Others, however, have been steadfastly skeptical. These skeptics believe Dark Science isn’t science at all but a pale, bespectacled type of mysticism. Humanity has a long history of inventing invented forms of being to support computer savvy their views on the universe. This is how they created God.

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