Here are some top tips to work with an estate agent

Now that your property has been placed on the market, you have chosen and instructed an estate agent. It is time to begin working with them in order to find the right buyer. You’ll be able to achieve a sale at the highest price and in the most time that suits you. Petty Real has been serving houses for sale barnoldswick for more than 95 years. We employ more than 40 dedicated and experienced employees.

  1. Tidy up the outside

Consider your property from the perspective of a potential buyer. The first impressions can be very influential. Consider “kerb appeal” as a consideration. The property’s entrance should be in order. It must have the paths and lawns mowed, as well as the garden’s flowerbeds tidy. Re-decorate the front door and windows if the paintwork is peeling. Polish the furniture on the doors and ensure that the bell works. These little details on the exterior are sure to be noticed by buyers. If the place is clean and tidy, they will be more likely to be interested in what’s inside. Garage storage can be hard to access and is often used for bric a brac rather than a vehicle. Make sure it is tidy. Pay special attention to your garden. Ask your agent about any things they’ve noticed that might negatively impact a buyer’s initial impressions of your property. They can also give you their suggestions on what you can do.

  1. Tidy up the Inside

You are effectively putting your property up for sale and you need it to look great at all times. You will have many buyers and it is important to make it easy for them to envision their belongings and live there. Keep everything tidy, neat, and clutter-free. Don’t forget to put toys in their rooms. Also, don’t leave any laundry around. Make sure you clean up the kitchen and do not leave dishes in the sink. Make sure to clean out the bathroom and toilet. Avoid smoking in your house if you are aware of a viewing. It’s also best to avoid having fish and chips on the menu. Be sure to air out all rooms. Although you won’t be able to do major decorating, your agent may suggest that you paint a room. Your property is not just a place to live, but a lifestyle. If your home looks appealing, it will help increase buyer interest.

  1. Pets are the best, if not the only thing!

While we all love our pets, others might not. It is best to keep your pets away from buyers if you have dogs or cats. Many people are allergic or nervous about dogs and cat hair. Although fish are fine, a tank with a lot of spiders, snakes and lizards may be more appreciated. If your pet is distracting potential buyers from the viewing, they may not be able to focus. It’s best to have a neighbor look after your dog while you view them. Please don’t leave your dog basket outside. It’s tempting to smell baking bread or coffee. A stale dog is not good for you.

  1. Always say yes to viewing property

You might not be able to schedule a property viewing at the earliest possible time. It is your responsibility to make the house available for viewing at all reasonable times. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, you must always accept a viewing request. You are competing with other property sellers to get a buyer. Make it easy and straightforward for them to reach you. It is a good idea to let your agent hold the key to the property if they accompany you to viewings.

  1. Owners are the best, if not the only ones.

Although it is often said that the property owner is the best person for showing a buyer around, this is not always true. Potential buyers may be more comfortable if they can walk around the property with an estate agent than they are with the seller. The potential buyer will be open to sharing their thoughts and opinions, which may allow the agent to offer suggestions and solutions. Talk to your agent about whether you would like to show the buyer around while you are out. Agents will usually suggest that the seller meet the potential buyer at the second viewing. At that point, the buyer may be showing interest and there might be questions to ask the seller.

  1. Do not leave without informing your agent.

Your estate agent should be notified if you plan to go out on a day or take a holiday. You should arrange for viewings to take place while they are gone if they are not holding the key. Do not risk missing the perfect buyer. Make yourself available to your agent as much as you can.

  1. All documents should be gathered together

Once you accept an offer, the legal process begins. It is important to get all paperwork in order quickly so that you can send the buyer. Are there any building works that have been done on the property? Do you have the building regulations papers and plans? You should have all warranties and guarantees for the boiler, other appliances, FENSA certificates to the glazing and gas installation certificates. You should make a list of all the items you plan to take with you. Also, keep track of any white goods, carpets, and fitted furniture that will stay with the property. Keep a file of all these items ready to hand to your solicitor/conveyancer.