Real Estate Tips for a First-Time Home Seller

Selling a house is very different to buying one. While buying a house is a process that involves emotion and feelings, selling a home is more about what agents call maximising profit potential. These tips are for first-time home sellers or anyone who needs a refresher in real estate. Real Big Group combines technology with a personal touch to give our clients the highest quality service.

This can be done by a reputable listing agent. Do not choose your cousin’s sister in law who is only interested in real estate. It will be much easier to succeed if you choose a seasoned real estate agent that has sold a lot of listings in your area.

The Best Day to List Your House

The best day to list your house is the one you choose. The time frame will depend on the local area, weather conditions, season, and many other factors such as the current state of the real estate market. The first day of your home’s listing, you have one chance to show it in its best light.

Ask about Your Agent’s Standard Real Estate Commission

Consider the benefits and the overall cost of the real estate agent’s commission. You should verify the track record for performance. Do not expect a full-service agent or broker to offer a discount. You must complete the contract from the beginning.

Flexibility is key when it comes to home showings

Flexibility is key when it comes to showings. You can decide to leave your home the first weekend it is up for sale if you feel that home showings are becoming too intrusive. Strangers may feel intrusive when they are allowed to tour your home and inspect your kitchen cabinets.

Host an Open House

If your home is suitable for an open house, you can allow it. Open houses are not for everyone. It is possible to expect that visitors will come to your open house if it is in an area with high traffic. Ask your agent whether they offer open houses online. Many home buyers have never wanted to purchase a house until they saw an open house, and then fell in love with it.

Online Review of Your Listing

To ensure that the information is correct, take a look at your home listing on different websites. Although agents do their best to make sure accuracy is maintained, it is your home and you are the best judge of details. Contact your agent immediately if you notice a missing feature and request an inclusion.

Response Promptly to a Purchase Request

Respond quickly to any purchase offer. Most purchase offers include a deadline by which the offer will expire. It can be a frustrating thing for buyers to have to wait for the seller to make a decision about whether they will accept or reject their offer. You are the same if you’re selling your home to purchase a new one.