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Hyde Park Computer Center: Offers a Decade

Nasr Abdelhadi is the owner of Hyde Park Computer Center. He sits comfortably surrounded by his repair projects. There are keyboards hanging from hooks and stacks of laptops on desks. Desktop monitors can be seen in the windows. Mouse cords hang from the wall. Since 2011, he has been renting the space out to computer repair and chat clients.

Abdelhadi stated, “I was very lucky to find that place.” “This is the place I am looking for. Although the rent is quite expensive at 53rd, it is still very affordable and the location is great. The neighborhood is great and the people are wonderful.”

Abdelhadi stated that he was interested in the inner workings machines since childhood when he used to play with radios and VCRs in his hometown of Damanhour in Egypt. He eventually became a com hyde park computer center puter repair and builder in the early 2000s.

Abdelhadi stated, “I loved fixing things local computer repair. It was exciting for me.” You can make it worse, but half of the time you don’t fix it. “But I wanted to see how it worked.”

Abdelhadi went to school to become an accountant, but he said that he only lasted for a few weeks in his first job as an accountant before deciding to return to his favorite hobby of fixing computers.

He opened a shop in the 53rd Street space that was available. At first, he only worked on computers. He has learned how to fix Apple hyde park computer center over the years and says that Apple computers are more damaged than PCs.

He also noticed a shift away computer problems caused by malware to more strictly focus on mechanical issues like broken screens or liquid damage. Abdelhadi, who was born in Egypt, said that he rarely had to deal directly with malware issues. He also stated, “I believe that hackers target Americans more.” It’s not Egypt that the money is.

I called the shop to ask Nasr if there was time for an interview. He then gave me a time, and then quickly handed the phone over to a customer, who was excited to hear about a story about an apartment dispute between the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) and the federal government.

“A viral video went viral on social media, showing the Mummy Parade in Cairo. It featured Mummies being carried around the city in carriages. One mummy had curly hair. Her hair was beautiful. This is perhaps why so many people love Egyptian hair stylists.

Abdelhadi stated that he is now receiving more work than he can handle, as other hyde park computer center  shops have shut down in recent years, including Apollo Computers, Chicago Computer Club and Computer City. Abdelhadi now has to decide which computer projects are more important than others. He may recommend that customers purchase new computers if the cost of repairs exceeds the cost of a new computer.


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