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Your Computer “Stand” (Your health may depend on it)

It may seem like a good option  to sit at a stand computer desk, as opposed to working in a factory. Research is showing that it can be dangerous.

Stand while you Work has Many Benefits

  1. Standing causes you to move more frequently, burn more calories, and have a greater energy expenditure. You can move naturally and enjoy the feeling of being in motion.
  2. Standing requires more muscle use than sitting in a normal position, which can cause strain to your neck and nape. stand distributes stress and allows you to move it around by changing your posture. Your muscles would become less stiff by relaxing your neck and eyes, and moving more frequently.
  3. Concentration lasts longer and thinking is more enjoyable. People prefer standing because they can think more clearly and have longer attention spans. Many great thinkers prefer standing to sitting, including Churchill, Napoleon, Goethe and Nabokov, as well as Hemingway and Jefferson.
  4. Inspiration is found in freedom of movement hp desktop. It’s not helpful to stare at your computer screen if you can’t get the right idea or solve a problem. It is better to get up from your computer and have a cup of tea. Then, look out the window to gather your thoughts. You can quickly move from your desk to other rooms, and books and folders are easily accessible. Inspiration is much easier.
  5. Immobile standing is safer than immobile sitting. Stand too long at a production line can pose similar risks to stiff sitting. However, standing at your desk allows for movement and small breaks that will prevent many problems.

Tips for Ergonomics

Desk height – The optimal board height is determined from the level of the bent elbow or slightly higher (in my case, approximately. 111 cm

Size of the desk board – My laptop requires a minimum 60×50 cm size board. However, larger sizes are always better.

Variability – Our small retractable desks are adjustable between 105 and 120cm board height. This is a major advantage over larger desks that have a fixed height.

Stability – The desk should be strong enough to support some weight so you can lean on it.

Use an isolating rug that is not too thick or craigslist eau claire soft to avoid mat – computer stands on hard or cold floors.

Prop for the foot – There should be a small prop or step underneath the table so that one foot can rest at a given time.

Footwear must support the plantar arch, respect foot shape, and be firm enough to allow for toe movement.

Chair-combined set-ups use long bar stools with feet support (my chair has an 80 cm seat).

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