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Tips to help you master the “Nazeebo build”

For a long time, nazeebo build raw statistical power and crowd control utility that has made him an integral part of the Hero League meta.

It’s not surprising that his popularity and performance are so high. His abilities are simple and he is able to do a lot of damage with little effort. It is much more difficult to be a “great” nazeebo build. The skills required to master stand the witch doctor require mechanical ability and finer attention to detail.

Nazeebo build like an expert

You will need to learn a few challenging skills if you want to play nazeebo build like an expert. These tips and tricks will help you become a great Nazeebo who can influence games and bring your team to victory with incredible damage and consistency.

Always be ready to cancel your Zombie Wall

Although this tip may seem obvious to many players single tracker, it is essential for any list. By pressing the [W] key, you can cancel your Zombie Wall at anytime. It is important to pay close attention to the location of your Zombie Wall to ensure it isn’t causing any problems. It’s best to remove it if it isn’t perfect.

You might be blocking an ally from entering and preventing them from contributing. Sometimes you might accidentally stop an enemy taking melee attack damage that could otherwise kill them. You might block an escape route or force your teammate into making small movements adjustments that could inadvertently place them in danger.

Take Care to Consider Ravenous Spirit Positioning

Although Ravenous Spirit isn’t nazeebo build most popular hero choice, you should still know how to use it. Before you commit to a long, potentially fatal Ravenous Spirit channel, it is crucial that you have the right position. A quick stun can ruin your heroic ability if you are accessible to the enemy team.

You may want to position yourself far away from your enemy team, and then use the spirit to close the gap. Although you may lose a few seconds of travel time, it’s still better than losing your entire heroic’s duration to a quick shock, and better than becoming an easy target that is quickly eliminated.

Protect allies with a Zombie Wall

You can make many of your teammates mad by putting them in a Zombie Wall. Although they hate the idea of losing their freedom, sometimes it is the best play.

To prevent damage from an enemy melee assassin, you can put a barrier around your friend to stop them from locking onto their friendly squishy. Instead of cutting down your friend, they’ll crash into a wall made of zombies.

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