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Review of the “Barefoot Science” Foot Strengthening System

Damien approached me several months ago to see if I was interested in trying an insole system that would help my feet recover from the conditions I had. Damien had helped me change my mind about the shin-splints that plagued me for most of my adult life. It had nearly ended my enjoyment of running. He suggested that I switch to Barefoot Science running. The results were amazing. My shin splints disappeared, I was able to build my endurance and get back into running.

Even though I was able to run with no shin splints and my feet were still a little flat, I still had Plantar Fasciitis pain (PF) and was able to walk without any problems. Damien asked me to test the insole system because it was specifically designed to help active people with flat feet or PF.

Flat feet have been a part of my life for many years. I can still remember the horror that my mother saw when I was a child and wore through my shoes and sneakers twice as fast due to my overpronation.

Damien asked me if I would like to test the insoles science is cool. I was initially very hesitant and skeptical about any product that claimed kgs technology group it could help my feet heal in as little as 6-8 weeks. Damien encouraged me to try the insoles, and I kept track of my progress. The Barefoot Science System was sent to me in December 2011. I started using it in the second week.

Flat Feet Misconceptions

Flat feet are often thought to be a sign of weakness science is cool. However, this is false. A weak foot is a bad thing. Patrick Malleret, the inventor of the Barefoot Science System, sent me an email just before I began using it. He was interested to hear that I was testing his insoles and offered to address any concerns or questions I may have before I started.

Patrick recommended that I slow down and pay attention to my feet while I go through each stage. He suggested that I might have to go through some levels again to get my feet comfortable. This would be perfectly normal.

What’s Inside the Barefoot Science Kit?

There are three kinds of Barefoot Science systems, and I am currently testing the Active version.

  • Instructions on how to use this system in detail
  • Pair of insoles that can be adjusted
  • A series of larger plugs/inserts (1-4).
  • Two sets of stronger, larger plugs/inserts (5-7)

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